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We acquire and operate businesses that hold strong positions in their respective markets and develop, manufacture, and sell their own products. We seek sustainable long-term growth in our companies by creating favorable conditions for organic business development and through additional acquisitions.

Our businesses continuously aim to increase their geographic reach, broaden and improve their product ranges and consistently invest in increased production capacity.

Our businesses operate with complete autonomy, leveraging on their own strengths, while benefiting from the advantages that come from being part of a robust corporate group.

Lotorp is a genuinely long-term owner. We hold great respect for experience and professional knowledge, and we value stable customer and supplier relationships.

The companies we acquire have been built over time by dedicated and knowledgeable owners. These businesses have succeeded because their owners and employees have skillfully developed them.

As the new owner, we continue to consistently and actively develop the businesses in the spirit of the previous owners.

We are looking for successful, profitable companies with strong market positions.

Lotorp becomes the new majority owner of the companies we acquire, and eventually, we will become the sole owners of the companies. To ensure a smooth succession, we prefer that previous owners remain active in the business during a transitional period.

We are a committed long-term owner of successful businesses.